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What is LOOF ?

The Federation for the management of the Official Feline Origins Studbook, more well known as LOOF, has been created in 1996 to centralise the management of all purebred cats pedigrees in France. The Ministry of Agriculture officialised its recognition by the November 4th, 1996 ministerial order and confirmed it in the Nr 2006-991 decree and the August 1st, 2006 ministerial order.

Missions entrusted to LOOF

The foremost mission of LOOF is to handle the Official Cat Stud Book, i.e. emit the pedigrees of French purebred cats. Without a LOOF pedigree, a cat born in France, even if its parents have a pedigree, cannot be called a purebred cat. It may at most be recognized as a cat having the "appearance" of a given breed. (Nr 2008-871 decree, dated August 28th, 2008).

Other missions entrusted to LOOF include:

How is LOOF organised ?

LOOF is an association directed by a Board of Directors (benevolent people elected by the General Assembly) which nominate among them a President, 2 Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a Vice-Secretary and a Vice-Treasurer, collectively called the « Bureau ». The organisation also relies on the existence of several commissions and on the work of employees who ensure the stability of the structure.


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