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Important Notice: Among all Cat Shows taking place in France, only those listed here may deliver
Aptitude Certificates valid for the LOOF Championship Titles.

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Cat Shows planned in April 2023

Saturday 1 April 2023 to Sunday 2 April 2023

MAUBEUGE (59, Nord-Pas de Calais) - ESPACE SCULFORT

organizer: Club du Chat 3000 (CC 3000)
in combination with le Cercle Félin de l'Est (CFE)
and le Club du Chat 3000 (CC 3000)
LOOF registration number: 2022-1388
contact person: MARIE THERESE Mme SZMIDT M.Thérèse ou Mr COMTE Bernard
contact info: tel: 0663977468- COMTE B. - mob: 0673506851-SZMIDT MT
email: ou

planned judges: Ms Florence BAJOU (France), Ms Alicja BIADASZ (Poland), Ms Tatjana BÖHM (Germany), Ms Sylvie COMTE (France), Ms Beverly ELIAN (Romania), Ms Geneviève FRANC (PAQUET) (Belgium), M. Michael GRUHN (Germany), Ms Cornelia HUNGERECKER (Germany), M. Jean Paul LE BRUN (France), Ms Julie LECLERCQ (Belgium), Ms Dorota PODLEJSKA (Poland), Ms Eleonora RUGGIERO (Italy), Ms Marianna TARASOVA (Ukraine), Ms Ginette TROCH (France), M. José WEERTS (Belgium)

official breed special for SCOTTISH AND HIGHLAND FOLD AND STRAIGHT organized with SFHF.COM on Saturday

IRUN (64, Aquitaine) - Parc des expositions Ficoba/Recinto ferial Ficoba

organizer: AMOBS-STAR
LOOF registration number: 2022-1400
contact person: Ms Marie-Pascale PARTARRIEU
contact info: tel: +33 5 59 20 50 02 - mob: +33 6 15 06 84 08

planned judges: Ms Françoise DUBOIS (France), M. Thierry FONTAINE (France), M. Joël HENRY (France), Ms Claude SEIGNOT (France)

official breed special for NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT organized with Esprit NFO on Saturday

official breed special for SELKIRK organized with CFSK on Sunday

Saturday 8 April 2023 to Sunday 9 April 2023

EVREUX (27, Haute Normandie ) - Halle des Expositions

organizer: Association Française du Ragdoll (AFR)
LOOF registration number: 2022-1418
contact person: Mr Jonathan KOSKAS
contact info: mob: +33 6 60 87 44 21

planned judges: Ms Brigitte BERTHELON (France), M. Jonathan KOSKAS (France), M. Jean-Marc LAGARDE (France), M. Richard MAIGNAUT (France), Ms Corinne MICHAUX (Belgium), Ms Pascale PORTELAS (France), Ms Eleonora RUGGIERO (Italy), M. José WEERTS (Belgium)

official breed special for SIAMESE ORIENTAL BALINESE MANDARIN PETERBALD organized with AFAS on Saturday

official breed special for RAGDOLL organized with AFR on Sunday

Saturday 8 April 2023 to Monday 10 April 2023


organizer: Cercle Félin de l'Est (CFE)
LOOF registration number: 2023-1433
contact person: Mr BERNARD COMTE
contact info: mob: 0663977468

planned judges: Ms Sylvie COMTE (France), M. Yann GOBRECHT (France), Ms Marie-Claude LEMAIGRE (Belgium), Ms Marianna TARASOVA (Ukraine), Ms Ginette TROCH (France)

official breed special for ENGLISH BURMESE - BURMILLA - ASIAN SHORTHAIR & LONGHAIR organized with BeAuTiful cats on Sunday

Saturday 15 April 2023 to Sunday 16 April 2023


organizer: Cercle Félin du Languedoc Midi Pyrénées Roussillon (CFL)
LOOF registration number: 2023-1436
contact person: Mr JEAN-MARC LAGARDE
contact info: mob: 06 82 92 77 04

planned judges: Ms Asa BROING (Sweden), M. Steven CORNEILLE (France), Ms Hélène GUILLAUME (France), M. Albert KURKOWSKI (Poland), M. Jean-Marc LAGARDE (France), M. Richard MAIGNAUT (France), Ms Claude SEIGNOT (France), Ms Karen STINSON (United States), M. Kurt VLACH (Austria), Ms Tomoko VLACH (Austria)

Saturday 22 April 2023 to Sunday 23 April 2023

GIEN (45, Centre-Val de loire) - SALLE CUIRY

organizer: Association Féline des Pays de Loire (AFPL)
LOOF registration number: 2022-1405
contact person: Ms Catherine LETERRIER
contact info: tel: +33 2 38 75 24 06 - mob: +33 6 13 17 36 90

planned judges: Ms Alyse BRISSON (France), Ms Martine CAILLARD (France), Ms Sylvie COMTE (France), Ms Françoise DUBOIS (France), Ms Ginette TROCH (France), Ms Karine ZIELINSKI (France)

official breed special for CORNISH REX organized with PCR on Saturday

official breed special for MUNCHKIN organized with CCMP on Sunday

Saturday 29 April 2023 to Sunday 30 April 2023


organizer: Association Féline Nord Picardie (AFNP)
LOOF registration number: 2022-1407
contact person: Ms CLAUDINE PISSY
contact info: tel: 0322094472 - mob: 0675848776

planned judges: Ms Geneviève FRANC (PAQUET) (Belgium), Ms Bénédicte GILLOTEAU (France), M. Geert VAN DROOGENBROECK (Belgium), M. José WEERTS (Belgium)

official breed special for MAINE COON organized with MCCF on Sunday

SENAS (13, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'azur) - SALLES FREDERIC MISTRAL - AVENUE DU 8 MAI - 13560 SENAS

organizer: Association Féline Méditerranéenne (AFM)
LOOF registration number: 2022-1427
contact person: Ms DOMINIQUE LE ROCH
contact info: mob: 06 80 951 961

planned judges: M. Louis COSTE (France), Ms Mary-Lise DE LANDTSHEER (Belgium), M. Thierry FONTAINE (France), M. Joël HENRY (France), Ms Alina INGOR (Bulgaria), Ms Magdalena SWIATOWIAK (Poland)

official breed special for RAGDOLL organized with AFR and RCC on Saturday

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