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Important Notice: Among all Cat Shows taking place in France, only those listed here may deliver
Aptitude Certificates valid for the LOOF Championship Titles.

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Cat Shows planned in June 2019

Saturday 1 June 2019 to Sunday 2 June 2019

VIRAZEIL (47, Aquitaine) - Salle des Fêtes

organizer: Rêves Félins
LOOF registration number: 2018-1156
contact person: Ms Elodie VALENTIN
contact info: mob: 06 51 92 38 51

planned judges: Ms Geneviève BASQUINE (France), Ms Aline GAREL (NOEL) (Canada), Ms Corinne MICHAUX (Belgium)

official breed special for Munchkin organized with CCMP on Saturday

Saturday 8 June 2019 to Sunday 9 June 2019

MONTARGIS (45, Centre-Val de loire) - Salle des Fêtes - Place du 18 Juin 40

organizer: Association Féline des Pays de Loire (AFPL)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1140
contact person: Ms Catherine LETERRIER
contact info: tel: 02 38 75 24 06 - mob: 06 13 17 36 90

planned judges: Ms Brigitte BERTHELON (France), M. Fabrice CALMES (France), M. Louis COSTE (France), M. Stéphane MONNIER (France), Ms Geneviève THUT (Switzerland), Ms Karine ZIELINSKI (France)

official breed special for Abyssinian and Somali organized with SomAby and AACAS on Saturday

official breed special for Bombay and American Burmese organized with BBCF on Sunday

Saturday 22 June 2019 to Sunday 23 June 2019

WICKERSHEIM-WILSHAUSEN (67, Alsace) - « Au chateau des Vicomtes »

organizer: Cercle Félin de l'Est (CFE)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1137
contact person: Mr Bernard COMTE
contact info: tel: 03 63 38 21 89 - mob: 06 63 97 74 68

planned judges: Ms Brigitte BERTHELON (France), M. Fabrice CALMES (France), Ms Sylvie COMTE (France), M. Louis COSTE (France), M. Yann GOBRECHT (France), M. Joël HENRY (France), Ms Marie-Claude LEMAIGRE (Belgium), M. Pascal POBE (France), Ms Ginette TROCH (France), Ms Karine ZIELINSKI (France)

Saturday 29 June 2019 to Sunday 30 June 2019

HILLION (22, Bretagne) - salle de sport municipale, Hillion (baie de SAINT BRIEUC)

organizer: Club Félin de l'Ouest (CFO)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1138
contact person: Ms jacqueline VIVIER
contact info: tel: 02 51 51 90 06 - mob: 06 65 35 49 68

planned judges: Ms Sylvie COMTE (France), Ms Geneviève FRANC (PAQUET) (Belgium), Ms Marie-Claude LEMAIGRE (Belgium), Ms Ginette TROCH (France), Ms Karine ZIELINSKI (France)

official breed special for Maine Coon organized with MCCF on Sunday

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